Marcy Bunce with her husband, Dave and two children, Esther and Jared, live in Greer, South Carolina.  In their testimony, “Exchanging Our Expectations” the Bunce family share their source of learning how to exchange personal expectations by waiting upon God.

Marcy has a B.S. in Education from Bob Jones University and a M.S. from Winthrop University.

Marcy is also contributing editor No Tears In Heaven and co-ordinator for the Peace Be Still area of No Tears In Heaven.

In the following message, Marcy will share a Biblical principle on how to achieve true peace by trusting in Jesus Christ; the only One Who can provide True and Everlasting Peace.

Marcy has also written a brief Peace Be Still message God’s School



Peace Be Still


 Marcy Bunce


As we observe the world we live in, it is obvious that peace is a rare commodity– both politically and personally. Although it is a much sought-after state, it is not frequently experienced. What is peace and where does it come from?



One might say that peace is the absence of conflict. Yet, the absence of conflict doesn’t necessarily indicate the presence of peace. It is more than that. True peace is complete freedom from inner turmoil. When a sudden, unexpected trial or difficulty comes into our lives how can we respond, both initially and continually, with freedom from turmoil?



This was the problem Christ’s disciples faced when they were crossing the Sea of Galilee with Christ asleep in the boat and the sudden tempest arose. They showed us a natural response of the human heart–fear. The fear clouded their thinking so that they then accused the Lord of not caring about them.


After the Lord miraculously and instantly calmed the tempest, He gently rebuked His disciples with the questions, “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” (Mark 4:40) We can see that the disciples would have had peace in the midst of a terrible tempest if they had trusted the Lord.


The lesson for us to learn is that peace is a byproduct of trusting God. When the unexpected tempest surrounds us it is not ours to ask “Why?” or to question God’s care and love for us. It is ours to simply trust His wisdom and power. Then, we will hear those words spoken so lovingly by Him, “Peace, be still” and our hearts will be filled with “the peace… which passeth all understanding.” (Philippians 4:7)



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