God Knoweth Best

unknown author


Precious thought, my Father knoweth,

In His love I rest;

For what’er my Father doeth

Must be always best.

Well I know the heart that planneth,

Nought but good for me;

Joy and sorrow interwoven;

Love in all I see.


Precious thought, my Father knoweth,

Careth for His child;

Bids me nestle closer to Him

When the storm beats wild.

Tho’ my earthly hopes are shattered,

And tear drops fall

Yet He is Himself my solace,

Yea, my Friend, my all.


Oh, to trust Him then more fully,

Just to simply move

In the conscious, calm enjoyment

Of the Fathers love;

Knowing that Life’s chequered pathway

Leadeth to His rest

Satisfied the way He taketh

Must be always best.