A Word About The Author

The following poem, by David Sims, was originally written for David’s father, who was dying of esophagus cancer. David came across the passage in the Book of Acts where the Lord stood with Paul, as Paul was to go and die for the Lord in Rome : “And the night following the Lord stood by him, and said, Be of good cheer,” Acts 23:11. David’s father was saved at the age of 16 but David realizing his father needed encouragement, that only can come from God’s word, penned “As The Time Draweth Near ” – as a way of communicating to his father ” Be of good cheer ” Jesus is here even now.

David’s father went home to be with the Lord before David could share the poem with his father.

David would later write concerning the poem: “Dad died before I could see him and read his poem. As I set back and think about an all knowing God that we have, I came to understand that this poem was not for dad but for myself. Christ was with me all that night – that I felt lower than I have ever felt before in my life. I want to tell others of what a blessing of knowing we have eternal life in Jesus Christ.”


As The Time Draweth Near

by David Sims


As the time draweth near, for the suffering be long.

For mercy and grace shall be yours.

O Be of good cheer for your LORD draweth near.

For mercy and Grace shall be yours.

As I kneel down to pray I know of great faith.

For mercy and grace shall be yours.

O Quickened and saved we will worship and pray.

What beautiful wonderful grace.

I’ll see You one day and we’ll look on his face,

What Beautiful Wonderful grace.

As I close my dim eyes I’ll see you up there.

What Beautiful Wonderful grace

O Be of good cheer and be not afraid on

That Beautiful Wonderful day,

On that Beautiful Wonderful day.