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Dr. Tom Williams was born in 1935 and reared in West Texas, the youngest of 14 children.


Known for years as “The Cowboy Preacher,” Dr. Williams has been greatly used in Church Revivals and City-Wide Crusades, and as a Bible Conference and Chapel Speaker on almost every Fundamental Bible College Campus in America. His sermons are simple, yet they pierce and probe the heart under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


With more than 40 years of experience as an evangelist, counselor, husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. Williams has counseled thousands of couples and individuals throughout America and in several foreign countries, and has become known as “America’s preacher to those who are hurting.”


Dr. Williams knows firsthand the sorrow that comes from the loss of a mate and child. Later, he and his second wife, Pam, enjoyed a wonderful marriage for several years. Pam was an ideal wife and mother before being struck down with bacterial meningitis in 1978, leaving her with both physical and mental handicaps.


God has used their story to reach and encourage people in all walks of life through Dr. Williams’ crusades, books, marriage seminars, as well as the motion picture and video “Twice Given”, guest appearances on “Focus on the Family” Radio Broadcast, hosted by Dr. James Dobson.


In his book, “Loving My Wife Back to Health”, Dr. Williams bares his heart as he tells of the trials his family faced with Pam’s illness. In a coma for several months, doctors said her brain was “hopelessly dead.” But, today she is alive as a result of prayer, love, and a persevering husband. The sequel to the first book was released in May, 1988. It is entitled, “You Can Make It”.


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You Can Make It




Dr. Tom Williams


My name is Dr. Tom Williams and I live in Montana. Twenty-five years ago my wife, Pam, and I went to Israel with a tour group. On the 10th day of the trip, Mrs. Williams was stricken with bacterial meningitis. We returned to the States and within two days she was in a coma. After 6 weeks in the coma, the doctor told me that my wife was brain dead and could not live. He wanted me to make the decision to pull the plugs and let her go. I said, “Well, I don’t feel like God wants me to do that.”


After eight weeks in two different hospitals, I took Mrs. Williams home in my arms. She was down to 84 pounds, her arms in the fetal position, and her legs turning in toward each other. Her feet turned down off her legs, her toes curled under her feet, and her hands were deformed. One side of her face appeared like a stroke victim’s face, her eyes and neck were locked. It was a very trying time, but I felt that I had to take her home and nurse her there.


I began to do everything that I could for her at home. My doctor made house calls once a week to make sure that she was internally healthy, drawing blood when necessary. I measured everything that went into her in ccs and everything that came out of her. The only way you can tell if a comatose person is healthy is by measuring their intake through the feeder tube and IV. I did everything that an RN would have done, except draw blood, and was able to take care of her with a great deal of work. We were living in a motor home at that time and I did all of the work there. After six months of this, God woke her up one night.


For twenty-five years now she has been an invalid, mentally and physically. It’s been very difficult for us as a family. When Pam and I married, I was a widower with a four-year-old son. Then, God gave us three more children. At the time of their mother’s illness, they were ages 10, 14, 17 and 22. God in His marvelous grace has brought all of us through these trials. The children are all married and much older now. I have 11 grandchildren, the oldest of which is married.


As I have cared for my dear invalid wife these twenty-five years, God has been merciful and blessed me with people who have helped. I can never thank Him enough for the nurses that have come and worked for us the past 22 years. How wonderfully and miraculously God has provided to keep us going.


I have continued my evangelistic ministry, traveling all over the world. I have taken Pam in my arms for years on the airlines and carried her up and down narrow aisles to the bathroom. It is unbelievable on an airplane as it takes both of us together getting into the bathroom. She’s had seizures on airplanes, seizures in foreign countries and continues to have many, many seizures.


God in His faithfulness has used our experiences. There has been a film made of our story called Twice Given. It has been shown in 130 countries in both English and Spanish. With closed caption, it has been shown in Russia, Greece, and other places as well. I have authored two books that may be of help to you in difficult times. I taped an interview with Dr. James Dobson for “Focus on the Family” which has been aired every year for over 15 years.


I thank the Lord for all of His blessings. May God bless you in your trial, whatever it is, as you keep your eyes on Him who never fails. May all the glory be given to my Heavenly Father and my blessed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.



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