She Is But A Reflection


Cliff Gribick


What grace the Lord has given her,

Strength that reflects her trust in Christ.

When still waters suddenly swelled about her,

As a raging sea of death.

His hand of mercy calmed her spirit,

Holding back the waves of fear.


O’ Lord you are glorified in what others see

She is  careful, humble in spirit, giving you rejoicing praise.


What comfort the Lord has given her,

Peace that reflects her faith in Jesus.

Her hope not resting in the words of man,

But in the Word that was in the beginning.

There shall be no persuasion or change of mind,

As a rock, unmovable, her faith stalwart.


O’ God you are magnified, that others may see your peace,

A peace through Christ Jesus – her heart and mind is kept.


Her days are early and long beyond the setting sun,

Yet sweetly, she sleeps, her God provides the calm.

As a shower for a moment, her tears I have seen fall,

Stilled quickly by the peace of God comforting a mothers heart.

The promise found in His word – she doth trust,

Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee.


O’ God you provide her rest when she is heavy laden,

Her spirit renewed daily by your immeasurable mercy.


Written  March 2000 for Carol from observing her under the situation with Luke.